About Us

Co - Artistic Producers of Glass City Theatre

Robert is a co-artistic producer and co-founder of Glass City Theatre. He recently received his MFA from The University of Washington in Seattle and has relocated to Vancouver. He received an MFA in acting from the University of Washington’s Professional Actor Training Program and a BA in Theatre from Trinity Western University. Years ago, he served as an acting apprentice at Pacific Theatre and will now return to that space as Glass City Theatre pairs with Pacific Theatre, in it’s (small but mighty) inaugural season.

Michael Wipf is the co-founder and co-artistic producer of Glass City Theatre. Michael works with the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival, Vancouver International Film Festival and is currently working with Celebrate Vancouver 125. Recently Michael directed Glass City’s inaugural production of Stretch Dog at the Vancouver International Fringe Festival.


Glass City Theatre is a young, artist run company, attempting to bridge the gap between emerging artists and established theatre professionals in Vancouver.



  1. Hi I was wondering if you had any need for volunteers in your company?
    I’d love to get involved and help in any way I can, and get myself into the theatre world!


    • Hi Nicolle,

      We will definitely be looking for volunteers in the upcoming months. Send an e-mail to lois(at)glasscitytheatre(dot)com with your areas of interest and we’ll get back to you with some ways to get involved!

  2. Cool website Rob! Love, MOM

  3. I’m impressed Rob, keep up the good work…. I love your mother, she is awesome!!

  4. I saw the production ‘Jesus Hopped the A Train’ last night at Pacific Theatre. It was one of the most powerful pieces of theatre I have seen in this city in quite some time. Thought provoking and packed full of talent. Sound, Lights, everything came together to make this a fantastic production. Thank you!!

  5. MW, missed Jesus hopped buy this much, please put me on an email update if you have one! Cheers, Mickey

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