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Meet Director Michael Wipf

September 2, 2010
Full name: Michael Wipf

Michael Wipf

What is your background?
My family name is of German origin, it means “to leap, bound or jump”. I have hutterite ancestry that dates back to the 16th Century. In the late 18th century my ancestors migrated to Canada.
How did you get involved with Stretch Dog/Glass City Theatre?
Robert Olguin, is a good friend of mine and overtime, slowly but surely, he convinced me that I had to get involved. When I finally was on board 100% I said “I think I want to direct you too, sucka” and there you have it.
If you had to sell out, how would you choose to do it?
By buying tickets at the fringe festival and seeing the show, STRETCH DOG
As a director, what are you hoping that people will get out of this show?
That its OK to “compromise” and that its OK to “fail” and to hopefully see the humor in that.
Why should people see this show?
Because we ALL sell out at one point or another